Saint Barth ... This small, hilly island, named by Christopher Columbus,

is varied: Saint Barthelemy, St. Barts and St. Barths called. It is one of four territories in the Caribbean, which form the French West Indies. Meeting place for the rich and famous. Main attractions of St. Barth are an isolated beach, the designer boutiques, famous restaurants their comfort and exclusivity. To date, the island has no large hotels. Moreover, its only port is not accessible for large luxury liner and by the low boat traffic, the sea is perfect for all kinds of water sports.

Here you will find more informations about the villas to rent. We open the door to a sensational houses on the most charming island hideaway in the Caribbean. Whether you are on the lookouta dream house on the beach or a picturesque Creole Cottage in the shadea coconut tree, you allow us to help you in this quest.

We wish you a pleasant and memorable stay!

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